Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kinley is 5 months old

Seeing as though Kinley is actually 6 months old today, I thought it might be best to do a short post first on her 5 month milestones.

Just like every month before, Kinley is spoiling us with her smiles and cuteness.  This month she decided that she should tackle sitting up and she is doing a great job, but hasn't quite mastered it yet.  She is pretty routine with her sleeping, with two 1.5hr naps during the day, and sleeping from 7:15pm - 6am at night.   We started introducing rice cereal during out meal times to her.  The verdict is still out on whether or not she likes it.  Hmm, what else?!  Oh, she makes lots and lots of fun noises.  It is absolutely hilarious to hear her in the car blowing bubbles or popping her lips.  It's just too cute!!

This month I tapered off nursing due to horrible stomach cramps I was getting due to nursing.  No, fun at all.  Kinley has adjusted nicely to formula, and the bottle and I have been enjoying no crippling cramps.

Loving on those toes

Not too sure about this spoon thing and the stuff that's on it.

Josh made Kinley a reading circle.  Similar to the one he made for Carter when Carter was 6 months old.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

4 + months

Kinley is just cruising along hitting milestones and markers along the way (not that she is literally cruising...more like rolling).  She's got a fun personality that enjoys the attention that her older brothers give her.  She is, however, most smitten with her daddy, and a tad bit bashful.  It's quite endearing to watch her just track Michael around the room, and as soon as they make eye contact she smiles, but quickly looks the other way!  I'm thinking someone loves her daddy very much, what do you think?

Some of her milestones at 4 months of age are: rolls from back to stomach (hasn't figured out how to get back to the back yet), giggles, blows bubbles, can make a funny Ewok-like noise (very entertaining), and can grasp toys.  She's pretty stubborn when it comes to her naps...she thinks short but sweet.  We've been working on it and there are days I think we've got it figured out, but the very next day we will be back to short naps (like a newborn) and I'm really not sure what to do.  It can be quite frustrating for this type A personality momma.   I have to remind myself that it took time for the boys to figure it all out as well.  We will get there.  We will!!  Napping aside, Kinley is a sweet little girl.  I still have to pinch myself that it's not a dream that I have this little girl.

Some of her favorite things right now are her play mat, an Infantino Giraffe, sleeps with a little cuddly ducky, her daddy and brothers.

Isn't she just beautiful?!

Hurray, I can roll over!
So very blessed by these sweet faces!
Kinley's Ewok noise I found this video on my phone and thought it was too funny not to share.  This is Josh's impression of Kinley blowing bubbles.  Enjoy!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another exciting new school year

So many changes and things to anticipate for this school year.  Quite the array of emotions as we prepared for the start, with excitement excelling over them all.

Michael has worked hard all summer long to prepare for the athletic changes that are taking place with the school merger.  Now that his hard work is starting to play out he is enjoying the fruit of his labor.  There has been a lot of dedicated administration and staff that has dedicated lots of hours to help the merger along and we are so appreciative of their dedication and hard work.

Josh started 2nd grade with Mrs. Smith. He has a bunch of church buddies in his class, as well as some friends that he has shared a class with since Jr-K.  He was anxious on the first day of school, but that anxiety quickly dissolved into excitement once him and his buddies learned a little bit more about what 2nd grade was all about and they got into their rhythm on the playground.

Carter started at RCS this year in the Jr-K program twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It seems Carter starting school has been much harder on me than I expected (like burst into tears randomly throughout the week).  I am so excited for him, but I still feel like he is my little baby. He seems to be loving school and seeing all his friends, so I am delighted by that.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Washington 2013

It was a fairly last minute decision to travel to Washington for a visit, but despite the last minute planning it was a wonderful trip.  Some of the highlights from our trip: Watching Bethany and Becca perform in their summer stock play, Cousin play time, Kinley sleeping through the night, PNW strawberries (aka Heaven on Earth) and ice cream, Birch Bay, Josh and Grandpa building a Fast Track game, seeing Uncle Kevin since he traveled around the world for 8 months, Children's Museum with Grandma Parine, Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium and seeing Uncle Dan and Aunt Rachel after they had been camping in Montana for a week.  There a many more things I could mention and each of them equally as special and as memorable.  It was a fun trip filled with lots of laughter and family!

This guy lost his a tooth on the flight up.  Our last two flights he has lost a tooth.  Crazy!!

Grandpa DeJong and Josh playing the game, Fast Track. They actually later that week built their own. How cool, huh?!  

Grandma and Kinley bonding while at Birch Bay

Josh digging in the sand at Birch Bay
The cutest boys on the plane

Enjoying the rainbow trout in the fish hatchery that is just down the street from my parents house.  

Grandma Parine took the boys to one of the interactive Children's  Museum downtown Bellingham

The most handsome man on the plane and the sweetest baby.

Kinley and her Uncle Ed bonding.  Uncle Ed has quite a gift with the babies.  Kinley was quite smitten with him.

Cousin Sarah chasing Carter around the Grandma and Grandpa DeJong's house

Grandpa Parine took us to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.  Such a cool zoo, and far less people than we are used to with the San Diego Zoo. 

Carter getting some personal time with one of the Lemurs. 

A familiar sighting outside my parents house.  Their usually a couple families of them that roam the neighborhood.  

Carter enjoying a puzzle at the Children's Museum
Fun 4th of July activity with Aunt Julie

Carter's Teddy bear pancake

The kids with Great Grandma Stuurmans

Carter and Uncle Kevin

All the kids at the C Shop in Birch Bay

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


unwavering. unconditional. all-encompassing. devoted & friend. All words I use to describe you, dear husband!  You make each day a joy to wake up to and each evening a joy to come home to.  Our marriage is one I am proud of and cherish!  Happy Anniversary, Blue Eyes!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Camps 2013

My biggest fear about summer vacations from school is that my kids will get bored.  Not annoying, whiny, or rambunctious, but B.O.R.E.D.  Now don't get me wrong because annoying, rambunctious, and whiny all happen. My kids are no exception, and I don't blame them.  That is why I chose not fight those fires and get down to the root of it all with boredom.  You know what I'm talking about (uh, huh, I see you nodding your head)!  So my solution was summer camps!

I aligned a few options for the boys to chose from depending on our vacation schedule and they chose the ones they would enjoy the most.  Once we had our vacation schedule finalized we registered them for their camps.  Josh chose to do the Camp TLC at Trinity Church and Carter chose swim lessons at the University of Redlands with the Ducey Swim Camp.

Camp TLC offers different options, or electives, for the kids to chose from when they come to camp.  Josh chose to do field games.  He enjoyed it for the first two days, but grew bored with them.  He said next year he wants to try the Bulldog Sports Camp at the University of Redlands.  I have heard rave reviews, so I'm excited for him to try it.

Carter's experience w/ the swim camp was amazing!  His teacher, Bryan Ducey, was an excellent teacher and I greatly appreciated his patience with Carter.  On the first day Carter wasn't so sure about all the people and vastness that is the U or R pool.  So Bryan put Carter on his back while he taught the other student.  Carter eventually warmed up and learned so much.

Needless to say, I think we averted boredom!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kinley's Baptism

This post is long overdue, but alas here it is:  We had the privilege of sharing Kinley's Baptism, on June 9th, with Michael's sister, Julie and her beautiful family.  It was a gorgeous day and everyone was excited, including little Kinley herself.
Pastor Scott performed the baptism.  We really appreciated during the sacrament how Pastor Scott went down to Josh and Carter's level and talked to them about how influential they are in the upbringing of Kinley.  It was pretty neat to see their eyes light up with the knowledge that they too are important on this day.  Finishing the sacrament, Kinley's Uncle Ed, led us in a beautiful ending prayer.