Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kinley is 5 months old

Seeing as though Kinley is actually 6 months old today, I thought it might be best to do a short post first on her 5 month milestones.

Just like every month before, Kinley is spoiling us with her smiles and cuteness.  This month she decided that she should tackle sitting up and she is doing a great job, but hasn't quite mastered it yet.  She is pretty routine with her sleeping, with two 1.5hr naps during the day, and sleeping from 7:15pm - 6am at night.   We started introducing rice cereal during out meal times to her.  The verdict is still out on whether or not she likes it.  Hmm, what else?!  Oh, she makes lots and lots of fun noises.  It is absolutely hilarious to hear her in the car blowing bubbles or popping her lips.  It's just too cute!!

This month I tapered off nursing due to horrible stomach cramps I was getting due to nursing.  No, fun at all.  Kinley has adjusted nicely to formula, and the bottle and I have been enjoying no crippling cramps.

Loving on those toes

Not too sure about this spoon thing and the stuff that's on it.

Josh made Kinley a reading circle.  Similar to the one he made for Carter when Carter was 6 months old.

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Ed / Julie said...

She is SO sweet and just look at her sitting up! Wow!! Sorry about your cramping - I have never heard of that happening past the first few weeks after birth, but I googled it and wow! It seems common! Learn something new every day. So sorry you had to experience that. Love to all.